Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Book Off! The cheapest place for expensive looking gifts

BookOff started in 1991, the company has had explosive success even after Japan’s economic bubble burst, even expanding up to 866 stores in Japan.

How do you buy great looking gifts really cheap?

Many people go to 100-yen stores. However if you give someone a gift from a 100-yen store they will know how much you spent and will be disappointed. Many great second hand but new looking items can be found very cheap at Book Off.

What does Book Off Sell?

Book Off sells used clothing, sporting gear, watches, handbags, cameras, camera equipment, surfboards, video game consoles, video games, manga, CDs, DVDs, cell phones, tablets, kindles and other portable media players. Book Off also sells secondhand books, music and comics in Japan. Book Off shaves the edges off the pages of books to make them appear newer. Prices range from 105 yen for magazines and about 800 yen for books. Great deals if you can find some books that you like. There are also children’s educational books very cheap. Don’t be afraid to go to Book Off and just read without buying. It is an accepted behavior in Japan.

How to get a great deal at Book Off
When you shop at Book Off be careful, as some items are not cheap. Sometimes you can buy the same item brand new for about the same price. Also some older cameras and electronics have no warranty. They will tell you this before you purchase. The secret to getting great deals at Book Off is to go there every day and spend time looking at all the merchandise in the store. Get a feel for the prices and compare prices online or at other discount stores before you buy. This way you will learn how much certain products are worth.

Another reason to visit every day is to catch any new merchandise that is selling cheap before some other bargain hunter buys it. Look for designer brands, and check that they are undamaged. I have found great Louis Vuitton products at a fraction of the retail prices. I have also found many designer clothes for adults and children selling for just a few hundred yen per item. Many older Hello Kitty products can also be found here.

Book Off Branch Stores

The Book Off franchise also has sister branch stores such as Hard Off (electronics and hardware), Off House (furniture and house hold goods), Mode Off (clothes), and Liquor Off.

Book Off is Tax Free For Tourists
Lately, Book Off has offered tax-free shopping at six shops in Japan.

The follow stores are tax free:

Book Off Narita AEON Mall Store
Book Off PLUS Nanba Ebisubashi
Book Off Shibuya Centergai Store
Book Off Shinjuku Station East Gate Store
Book Off Super Bazzar North Tenjin
Book Off Super Bazzar Hiroshima Otemachi

The tax free offer only includes items over 10,801 yen, not including consumables such as cell phone SIM cards, office and stationary supplies, and perfume.

You must show your passport with a valid tourist visa and fill out paper work to get the tax-free discount. If you live in Japan drag your friends visiting from overseas down to Book Off and use their passport to get discounts.

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