Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sumaura Koen Mountain Hiking And Lookout Kobe

Suma Mountain is a great location to see a view of Kobe city. There is a cable car ride to the top of the mountain and a hiking trail. At the top of the mountain there is a lookout and a small game center with 1980s retro style games. Telescopes are also provided for viewing the sights.

To the east Kobe airport is visible. On a clear day it is possible to see as far as Osaka. The beautiful white sands of Suma beach just below the mountain make for a great photo. To the west Awaji Island, Tarumi city, Himeji city and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge can be seen.

If accompanied by children it is best to ride the cable car to the top. It costs 500 yen. Hiking is the free way to the top. Along the way there are many beautifully manicured gardens and trees. Benches are provided along the trail for a rest and to take in the sights. There are also other trails that go deep into the mountains. Many elderly people hike these trails on weekends.

To get here take the train from Sannomiya station to Sumaurakoen station on the Sanyo Electric Railway main line.