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The purpose of this blog is to give travelers the opportunity to experience Japanese philosophy, society and culture, meet people from all walks of life, in hundreds of locations all over Japan, on a low cost budget! It is not a replacement for mainstream tourist guides such as the Lonely Planet. This travel blog is primarily concerned with stretching your money further, to stay longer, and experience more of this wonderful country. I will even show you a way to get a free ticket to Japan! Click here for ideas to get to Japan for free.

Have you ever been ripped off or found a cheaper way of enjoying your holiday after it was time to go home? When I travelled to Japan in 2003 on a working holiday visa with only $1000 cash and a credit card for emergencies, I had to invent my own ways of saving money and surviving. The mainstream travel guides were of limited use.They contained no planning guides, no help to avoid scams and no ideas on how to travel and live on very little money. Thus I spent unneccessary time and money learning to live cheaply in Kyoto, my first place of residence.

Through my research and on the ground experience, this blog will attempt to summarize the best travel information that may otherwise be found by spending hours scanning various internet sites. Live like the locals where ever you travel and you will succeed.

This blog is for exchange college students, working holiday visa travelers, vagabonds, and anyone wanting a cheap or extended holiday on a budget. I have done it cheap, and I will show you how I did it.

I have also written many articles about living cheap in Japan at my other site on hub pages. 

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